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Spacewrights is a tactical sci-fi 2D spaceship simulation game in a similar vein as FTL, where you explore, build, and create a galactic empire, with multiple highly customisable ships.

The Alpha Demo is very much like FTL, featuring the games endless ‘Survival mode’, which sees you trying to survive for as long as possible against a random array of enemy ships.  As you progress, you’ll be able to salvage loot which you’re able to use to upgrade, repair your ships, or even unlock blueprints for new ships, allowing you to survive that bit longer.  The Alpha Demo also features a comprehensive ship builder, which allows you to create powerful spaceships from base items or items you acquire in Survival mode.

So far so FTL (and that’s not a bad thing), but the much less linear ‘Adventure mode’ in the full game promises some very cool features, with local and online multiplayer, quests, researchable upgrades, the ability to teleport down to alien planets, and more complex interactions with alien races – including diplomacy, alliances and economic trade.

Spacewrights plans to offer you open gameplay mixed with addictive strategic combat – command your ship as you see fit, be an ambassador for your species or wipe out whole alien races.  The choice is your commander.

Check out the Kickstarter & Download the Free Alpha Demo

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"If the heart of the one who holds the sacred triangle has all three forces in balance, that one will gain the True Force to govern all. But, if that one’s heart is not in balance, the Triforce will separate into three parts: Power, Wisdom and Courage." - Zelda (Ocarina of Time) 

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Hyrule Warriors - Villain Gameplay
(I think)

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We’re having pizza for dinner, is that ok?


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

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  • tutorial: pointers in C are easy and fun to learn
  • everyone: you sit on a throne of lies
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